How it works

Join a community of like-minded shoppers who want to preserve the value of what they buy and sell. Our customers experience the joy of shopping for the first time without any loss.

The power of blockchain.

Join something bigger than yourself. A community taking back their shopping power. No more commissions, no more selling fees. Shop and sell for the first time without loss.

Where selling feels so good.

Introducing the right way to sell. Sign up, list your item in our marketplace, and for the first time ever keep 100% of what you sell. Seriously.

We use patented blockchain technology to automate and reduce overhead costs, so we can pass 100% of those savings onto our customers. Sellers can list at the true value of the item and buyers get the lowest prices possible without excessive markups due to high commissions.

In fact, everything on our platform is positioned to benefit our sellers. That’s how you are able to experience truly lossless transactions. This is selling as it should be.

Where buying feels even better.

Introducing a brand new way to shop. Find an item you can’t live without, and buy it with confidence knowing it’s 100% authentic. It’s that easy.

Any item you purchase must first pass through our fully automated 100% fail-proof authentication process that uses a patented sensor-ledger system. This innovative technology cannot be outsmarted or hacked, which ensures that you always get exactly what you paid for. Our customers can shop for the first time with full assurance knowing every item in our marketplace is the real deal. Experience buying as it should be.

Resale made simple

Streamlined Transactions

Our proprietary technology allows us to automate and streamline the entire shopping process. Unlike other resale sites, we’re not here to take a large chunk of your item. Our business model is simple. We charge a small processing fee based on the dollar amount of your purchased item and cash-off fee for sellers to transfer earnings to external accounts. We never take a commission of the listing price so you can earn the most for your item anywhere.

MyMarkit Ledger System

Shoppers buy in 1:1 with USD (or other currency) to MyMarkit “points”. Every listed item passes through a fully automated 100% fail-proof authentication process using our patented sensor-ledger system. IP transaction ledgers attach true value/currency directly to all items being sold. This ensures our shoppers always get exactly what they paid for, and keep 100% of what they sell.

Stay in Control

Sellers and Shoppers can also cash on and off the platform anytime, in any amount, using Paypal or Stripe (less card fees as applicable). Or you can turn around and confidently buy another luxury item in our marketplace knowing it’s 100% authentic while saving more. Finally, shopping the way it was meant to be.