About MyMarkit

MyMarkit is the world’s first blockchain marketplace. We’ve revolutionized shopping by bringing transparency to every transaction. No more commissions. You keep 100% of what you sell, every single time. Now you can buy with total confidence, knowing every item is authentic and backed by unbreakable blockchain technology.

Better Technology

Custom built ledgers remove overhead and assign real-time, true value to every product in the marketplace.

Patented Automation

Patented technology sensors with ledgers ensure every item is 100% authentic, providing 100% confidence in every transaction.

Smarter Transactions

Our innovative and proprietary transaction technology automates all fulfillments, passing on 100% of the sale to you.

Shopping like it should be has finally arrived.
The marketplace where everyone wins.

MyStory. MyMarkit.

I didn’t set out to reinvent shopping. I just wanted a marketplace for people like me. People who love to shop, always want the newest gear, the freshest fashion, but don’t want to throw money down the drain. I decided to do away with the old system: let’s get rid of fees, democratize the market, and be in this together. So I created MyMarkit – my markit, your markit. Let's change how we shop together!
MyMarkit CEO

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