Authentication meets technology

For the first time, we've developed a fail-proof and fully automated authentication process using high level blockchain tech. In transforming the way we do traditional authentication, MyMarkit is able to offer the highest form of secure appraisal and verification processes to our products, which means more assurance for your luxury and valuable goods.

How it works

List your item
Simply list an item to get selling on MyMarkit. Once an item is sold on the marketplace, you will receive a prepaid label to mail it in for fulfillment.
Items listed in the marketplace for the first time are inspected and verified by in-person professional authenticators.
Appraisal amounts are based on the truest market price, we will never discount an item or tag on extra fees, you always get 100% of your item’s value.
We’ll email you to verify the appraisal/listing price within 1-2 business days.
Ledger-sensor verification
Items are equipped with touchless, non-invasive smart sensors that cannot be faked or hacked. Custom blockchain ledgers assign real-time verification and true value to every item. This allows for 100% accurate and automated authentication for every item in our marketplace.

Appraise. Authenticate. Automate.

What is blockchain authentication?

Authentication used to be “part science and part art”. Well no more. Our innovative and proprietary transaction technology allows us to automate fulfillments, meaning we’ve turned our authentication process into all science.

Plus by automating, we drastically reduce overhead costs, allowing us to pass those savings on to our members. That’s why we’re the only resale marketplace where you keep 100% of what you sell. We never charge commissions or fees on the product. Instead, we monetize off memberships that are based on the number of times you transact per month.

MyMarkit is a community taking back it’s shopping power! Buy with confidence, knowing every item is 100% authentic and tracked through an unbreakable blockchain system.

Our patented automation process


First time items are inspected by professional authenticators who will assign the true market value to your luxury goods.

Automated Authentication

Items are fitted with non-visible sensors that don’t affect your goods. These sensors are tamper-proof, and allow for automated authentication.

Stored Value

Every transaction is recorded in our ledger system and we attach true value/currency directly to all items being sold.