Authentication meets technology

For the first time, we've developed a fail-proof and fully automated authentication process using high level blockchain tech. In transforming the way we do traditional authentication, MyMarkit is able to offer the highest form of secure appraisal and verification processes to our products, which means more assurance for your luxury and valuable goods.

How it works

Submit your item
Simply complete the listing submission form by providing your item name, description, photos, and listing price.
Our appraisal team will reach out to confirm the final listing price and ask for additional photos or details of your item if needed.
Once your listing is approved, you will get to accept the appraised price before the listing is live and can change it at any time. Please note that pricing above current market value may take longer to sell your item.
When your item sells, we’ll send you a prepaid label to ship it to us. A thorough inspection and authentication is conducted to ensure quality assurance.
Ledger-sensor verification
Items are equipped with touchless, non-invasive smart sensors that cannot be faked or hacked. Custom blockchain ledgers assign real-time verification and true value to every item. This allows for 100% accurate and automated authentication for every item in our marketplace.

Appraise. Authenticate. Automate.

What is blockchain authentication?

Authentication used to be “part science and part art”. Well no more. Our innovative and proprietary transaction technology allows us to automate fulfillments, meaning we’ve turned our authentication process into all science.

Plus by automating, we drastically reduce overhead costs, allowing us to pass those savings on to our shoppers. That’s why we’re the only resale marketplace where you keep 100% of what you sell. We never charge commissions or seller fees on the product.

MyMarkit is a community taking back it’s shopping power! Buy with confidence, knowing every item is 100% authentic and tracked through an unbreakable blockchain system.

Our patented automation process

Initial Authentication

Items are inspected in-person by in-house experts and trusted third-party authenticators. Each item must pass all inspection points before being approved.

Patented Sensor Technology

Each item is fitted with a non-invasive, invisible sensor. They are tamper-proof and facilitate an automated authentication each time it sells.

Blockchain automation

Every transaction is recorded in our blockchain which ties true value to the item for its lifetime. Authentication and Fulfillment is automated after the first transaction.